All about me

My beginnings

So, my humble beginnings. I was born Febuary the 9th, 2007 in Wellington hospital. I was said to be an active baby and very attention needy. Late onwards, my parents were told that I had ADHD. (Attention-Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. Basically, I was REALLY energetic. I have a sister whos 7 and a half years older than me. I also had a mum and a dad, who woulda thought. I had 1 dog at the time named Milo, but we all called her Fatty. We lived in a small and cozy house and to this day, I'm still living in it.

Schooling days

Ah, school. We all go through it, at least I hope. I went to a small school called Paremata School. From year 1-5 I never really had any friends. I had people I knew but none I would call friends. Year 1 was a bit of a rats nest. For starters, the teacher hated me. I don't know whether if I said anything, did anything or even if I gave her a look, she hated me. Year 1 was easy though. Year 2 was mostly the same except the teacher liked me. Year 3. God, what a year. I, uhh, got into my first trouble incident year 3. Me and this kid, who shall remain nameless were playing on ht eplayground. We started with joking shoves. Kinda like, "Ah, ya knucle head." Then he uhh, kinda went to far. So, I got somewhat mad and reta;liated. The rest is history. Year 4 was the same but the fights. Also, we forgave eachother. Year 5. however, was a BRILLIANT year. Same with year 6. For those years, I had a teacher named Whaea Tia. She rocked. Year 7-8 were kinda bland thought.